Pub - Darts Machine / Golf Machine / Touch Machine

The Offerings :
  • System integration and verification service
  • RISC / X86 platform
  • Compatible with a broad range of external peripheral devices
  • Chassis design and integration service

Casino – Table Game

The Offerings :
  • Multi-display technology
  • Multi-audio streaming technology
  • Wireless media content delivery technology
  • Fanless design platform

Arcade – Racing Game / Fighting Game / Kids Game / Musical Game

The Offerings :
  • High performance Intel or AMD platform with comprehensive gaming features
  • High performance integrated PCI-Express graphics solution

Casino – Bingo / Slot Machine

The Offerings :
  • Gaming computing platform compatible with a broad range of external peripheral devices
  • High level of security with gaming optimized I/O
  • Development kits for internal peripherals and devices
  • Variety of gaming features for regulatory considerations
  • TPM design service upon request