Intelligent Upgrade Path
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Integrated Design
The front and rear handles have comfortable grips, making AMiS easy to move from room to room. The work area is smartly designed, with a keyboard/mouse tray and spacious work area, and its ergonomic design features adjustable height, either motor-driven (AMiS-50), or supported by gas spring (AMiS-60), which makes for comfortable, stress-free use even on extended work shifts. AMiS also features an intuitive “dashboard” that shows power status and battery consumption, and includes the height control buttons (AMiS-50 only).
AMiS is built with cost-effectiveness in mind. An intelligent upgrade path, flexibility and ability to be customized all make it an attractive long-term solution for hospitals and clinics. AMiS’ use of a DIN rail for accessory integration prevents damage to the frame. The work surface height adjusts all the way from seated to standing operation. The onboard PC is easily upgradeable, and features multiple I/O connections (USB 2.0 ports x 4, Gigabit Ethernet port x 1) to allow integration with barcode readers, HD cameras, and card readers.